Wednesday, 24 March 2010

GalGael Bute Forest Benefit Gig 4th March

As part of our ongoing open evenings on a Thursday night we held a benefit gig to support the community buyout of the Rhubodach forest on the isle of Bute. It was a cracking night and very well attended - over 80 people crammed into the workshop to hear about the buyout project and to immerse themselves in a night of music, poetry and rap. The entertainment proceeded once everyone was fed - no mean feat considering the turnout! Alastair McIntosh opened up the proceedings by explaining the nature of the buyout and the progress thus far. The music was kicked off by our very own in house bard Tam McGarvey who treated us to a 'bit of voodoo' and one of his own numbers 'Elvis for a day'. Next up was the wise woodlouse from the hearth of England, poet George Hardwick. George's poems struck a real resonance with the folk at GalGael - 'Whether you know it or not you shine like a star'- especially the poem that involved the gifting of a beautiful wooden staff to be completed by Rory, one of the youngsters in attendance that night. Then we were treated to some 'not so scary rap music' courtesy of little Jimmy Davis - who was making one of his first public appearances and performed admirably. Luke Concannon followed with a couple of his original compositions and the night culminated in a world exclusive. Luke and 'MC Ali Mac in the house' treated us to a rousing number entitled 'Homage to Young Men' - a poignant piece that got the crowd whipped up into a frenzy. By way of an encore and farewell, everyone, led by Luke all joined together in one final group singalong. Bits and bobs of this night were recorded and broadcast on Sunny Govan Radio 103.5FM.

This was merely ONE of our ongoing open nights down at the GalGael. Every Thursday from 5pm our doors are open to come and share our skills with yours and vice versa. Food and love guaranteed - hopefully see you there soon

31st March 2010: GOOD NEWS

The forest buyout has been approved by Environment Minister Roseanna Cunningham

GalGael Hoolie Show on Sunny Govan Radio 103.5FM

Sunny Govan Radio 103.5FM have asked us here at GalGael to produce a monthly HOOLIE show - a sort of audio diary of a month in the life of GalGael. We have produced two shows so far that went out at 7pm on Wednesday 1oth and 17th of March. These programs featured interviews with staff and trainees alike. Thanks to interviewees Omair, Norrie, Gloria, Tam, Marie, William, Gehan and Luis in particular - who provided us with a beautiful original song called 'The Activist'. It has been decided that a monthly show would have a greater variety, with less pressure than a weekly deadline so that the Hoolie show has a more effective impact. We intend to try and record for posterity everything that the GalGael is involved in from the 'Navigate Life' course to the Open nights on Thursday, not forgetting the Friday away trips and everything else that makes up the GalGael melting pot.

This is a great opportunity to get our voice, our message out there, so it is heard by more and more people. We will keep you updated on show scheduling times as they become apparent.

Finally a big thank you to everyone at Sunny Govan Radio for this exciting joint venture