Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Charm Offensive

As part of Glasgow's International Arts Festival, GalGael have been collaborating with artists Matt Baker and Tara Beale on a variety of projects to highlight Govan as a creative community with a long history and proud heritage. Our workshop has been utilised as a venue for creating part of the "Govan Armada" - a flotilla of small over 60 boats made of flotsam and jetsam from the River Clyde itself and assembled into all sorts of vessels before they are returned to the river this Saturday.
One of the highlights of the event will be the firing of trebuchets loaded with gifts and charms across the river. Two of our Volunteers, Rico and Mark have been getting steamed into the construction of the big trebuchet (pictured above) with assistance from Grant leckie from Glasgow Museums. It's creating quite a stir and a good energy in the workshop and well done to the guys for getting so much work done in a short space of time. Thanks also to Gary Weir for constructing a smaller version to fire from the opposite side of the river.

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GalGael at Holyrood

A contingent of our volunteers and staff convoyed out to Edinburgh on the evening of the 16th of April to a wee GalGael event in the Scottish Parliament.  It was all part of a week long exhibition to inform politicians about our work over the past 15 years and demonstrate how we make a readifference to not only many people in our community through work and engaging with our heritage but how our work is increasingly being regarded as innovative in areas such as health and well being, good citizenship, environmental improvement and rekindling community. The exhibition was well received and the event gave our folk a chance to see the Parliament building and meet some MSP's.
Thanks to Patrick Harvie for sponsoring us, Rob Gibson for the tour and to our guest speakers, Joe Jones, Willie McKenzie, Jenny McCarry, Maxwell Macleod, Katherine Trebeck and our own Alastair McIntosh. Thanks also to the events and exhibition staff at Holyrood.

15th anniversary celebration

To celebrate our fifteenth anniversary as the GalGael Trust we set up an exhibition in the Pearce Institute showing our many achievements since 1997 followed by a procession and a ceremony to commemorate Govan's ancient parliament mound, Doomster Hill which once stood close to the Riverside housing estate.
 We lit up the fire basket, had some songs and pipe music and had readings on the history of the site. Thanks to Matt Baker, Tara Beale and all those involved in Govan Together for a great day.After that, it was back to the PI for a ceilidh.

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