Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sail and Oar event Millport, Cumbrae

Despite numerous hurdles, all our hard work paid off at the sail and oar festival at Millport on Cumbrae. It was our biggest ever event and it stretched us to the limit but our efforts fell into place and we were also blessed again with brilliant weather.
It was amazing to watch traditional boats moving about the bay under sail or being rowed as families watched from the beach. There was a myriad of activity on both land and sea for the two days, with our usual crafts displays as well as raft races, boat trips, a music marquee, tug of war, kids boat pool, ceilidh and much more.
The local community were delighted with the event with many of them being involved in the organising or just having fun with the activities.
It was fantastic to meet the Basques, Galicians, Portugese and the Irish crews as well as those from various parts of Scotland, they all helped to make it a wonderful, colourful occasion that many wish to repeat.
A special "well done" goes out to Gehan our Project Manager for her hard work and for doing such a mighty shift. She pulled out all the stops to make it happen and deserves much praise for the success of the event. Also, thanks to everyone who worked their buns off to make it the great weekend it was.

Try the link below for pics to get a flavour of the event.

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