Wednesday, 17 November 2010


Just to let you know... Channel 4 have rescheduled the Secret Millionaire featuring GalGael to tomorrow - Thursday 18th November at 9 p.m.


  1. To Gehan and all at Galgeal,
    I have just watched the Secret Millionaire, noticed your web address on the program, and followed the link to your blog, so I felt that I should use this post to congratulate you on the excelent work that you are doing at Galgael. It was great to see that there are still people who care even when times are hard.


  2. Gehan,
    I just wanted to repeat what the previous comment said, I have just watched Secret Millionaire & it is great to find out about such terrific projects in places that really need it. It is people like you and your trust that keep the world turning and help people to cope with the difficult situations and life obstacles they may face.
    God Bless you, and never ever give up.
    I hope one day I will be able to visit you and you could show me the grt sights of Glasgow.
    Best Wishes and have yourself a very merry xmas and a happy new year.

    Sam Varney
    Trustee of 1A Arts etc